Lakshmi Empire Ltd is the home of the successful Lakshmi Brothers who made fortunes in ‘Blockchain Industries’.  They are determined Deal-Makers, Entrepreneurs, and risk-takers, providing guidance, education, relationships and capital to ‘Empower the New World’.

Lakshmi Brothers

Top Deal Makers and Highest Ranks and Earners on the Crypto Market


As co-owners, Mr. Darren Matadeen & Mr. Avinash Nagamah are astute and professional crypto deal-makers originally from the top fortune 5 global companies and financial and betting monopolies.

In 2016, they reinvested into the Blockchain Industry to create a Crypto Empire, with a turnover of $38 million and a global network of  35,700 members and 250,000 social media subscribers worldwide.

We’re here to reshape the markets and change the world around us


The Lakshmi Brothers thrive in making the financials and data transparent and compliant so that private shareholders, clients and potential miners, traders and investors know about the performance and health of the company.

The Lakshmi Brothers will keep you up to date regularly with their success and answer any pivotal questions clients, as well as potential clients, may have.

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