About Us

Pioneers of the Next Generation Crypto Bank


Lakshmi Empire Ltd which is a growth oriented, private British Crypto Hedge Fund Company with Mining and Arbitrage Trading.

Lakshmi Empire Ltd was founded in December 2015 and performed as the fastest growing in terms of client acquisitions.

Lakshmi Empire Ltd is driven by FinTech Intelligence and Education. This gives us an edge by developing our own large portfolio of cryptocurrencies,  educating a mass global network and have the first movers advantage in multiple Crypto and Blockchain Investments. Our goal is to be our own private Crypto Bank, with mass storage of cryptocurrencies, and scaling worldwide with our proprietary intelligence systems.

Majority of our clients are high net worth, and we are positioned to bridge to the next generation of publicly listed Blockchain companies with regulated capital markets and banking sectors.

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Lakshmi Brothers

We’re one of the Top Crypto Brokers in the Crypto Market


As co-owners, Mr. Darren Matadeen & Mr. Avinash Nagamah are astute and professional crypto fund investors and brokers originally from the top fortune 5 global companies and financial and betting monopolies.

Since 2016, they reinvested into the Blockchain Industry to create a Crypto Empire, with $2.3 million mining contracts sold since September 2017, private Equity in the First UK Regulated Crypto Bank, 4500+ BTC trading volume generated, and a global network of over 12,000 clients and 170,000 subscribers worldwide.

We’re here to reshape the markets and change the world around us


The Lakshmi Brothers thrive in making the financials and data transparent and compliant so that private shareholders, clients and potential miners, traders and investors know about the performance and health of the company.

The Lakshmi Brothers will keep you up to date regularly with their success and answering any pivotal questions clients, as well as potential clients may have.

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