Crypto Trading


Speed and innovation are our main drivers


Lakshmi Empire Ltd is a Crypto Hedge Fund with Arbitrage Trading, and we bridge the next generation of publicly listed blockchain companies with regulated capital markets and banking sectors.

We offer high-net-worth investors exceptional risk-adjust returns from a carefully selected managed portfolio in Crypto Assets, ICOs and other investments across the whole Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Industries.

Overall, Cryptocurrencies in-particular, especially bitcoin, have surged in popularity. They are increasingly being accepted and used all over the world. They remove exchange rate risk and also allow for relatively low cost, sometimes no-fee transactions unlike many traditional payment systems (although in practice many use third parties that charge fees for using their network). The network is perceived by many as secure. Transactions are publicly verified and stored, which can substantially reduce the risk of certain types of fraud.

Although you may not know how to trade these Cryptocurrencies, here at Lakshmi Empire Ltd we offer you the chance to let us handle all that for you. Offering fixed 12 month return plans, you just sit back and enjoy yourself, while we handle all the investing side of things.

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